Evolved Science is a concierge Medical practice focused on Wellness and Disease Prevention.

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Erika Schwartz is a leader in the anti-aging and bioidentical hormone treatments for the past 25 years.

With her clinical experience Evolved Science provide the highest quality medical care that focuses on each individual patient’s needs in a exquisite customer service oriented setting providing an unparalleled level of care to every one of our patients.

For optimum results, our services combine respectful in depth information mining with treatments individually tailored to each patient with careful and caring coordination of medical care.


Concierge Services

24/7 access to our physicians with unlimited consultations in person, by phone, text, e-mail or video chat. It includes selected services and oversight and coordination of all care. This service is limited and confirmed after the initial visit with the physician if suitability is established.

Biomarker Testing

Non-invasive diagnostic testing used to evaluate risk of cardio vascular problems, evaluation of pulmonary function, cognitive measurements and management of early impairment and assessment of cognition and body composition. These tests are performed to obtain baseline measurements and to evaluate progress and outcomes over the course of our therapeutic interventions.

Bioidentical/Human Hormone Therapies

Founded by pre-eminent hormone expert Dr. Erika Schwartz, Evolved Science provides cutting edge bioidentical/human identical hormone protocols using a wide array of options. Specific hormone treatments are individually tailored for our patients including but not limited to all male and female sex hormones, thyroid, adrenal and pituitary. Creams, tablets, capsules, patches, pellets, injectables and gels in FDA approved or compounded formulations are employed to optimize hormone balance and improve general wellbeing.

IV Infusions

State of the art compounds including amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and elements are combined to achieve the perfect fit for each patient. The goals are to rapidly and effectively increase energy, boost the immune system, provide hormone support, hydrate, act as anti-inflammatories and mood enhancers. Recommendations for frequency include bi-monthly and/or weekly and bi-weekly infusions for specific conditions along with monthly maintenance and one-off infusions for travel and detoxification.


The Evolved Science line of supplements is the result of 15 years of research and constant scientific updates designed to help increase energy, boost immune function, deliver anti-inflammatory results and provide hormone support. Under our experts’ supervision our patients experience remarkable and consistent results. The supplement line is available exclusively through Evolved Science and is a critical part of a fully integrated patient specific program.


Evolved Science is proud to announce the addition of Aesthetic Services including Botox, fillers, Kybella to our patients. Our own Jes Moore, RN is an expert in “liquid facelifts” (combination of neurotoxin and dermal fillers) with outstanding results and glowing patient reviews. Jes is also a featured injector for Merz Aesthetics for her extraordinary ability to make her patients look a more youthful yet natural version of themselves. We are also pleased to offer body contouring procedures with the newest state-of-the-art Cool Sculpting™ technology. Uniquely set up with two Cool Sculpting™ machines, our office is equipped to excel in providing our patients with the most advanced and time efficient body contouring procedures.


Small protein molecules consisting of 50 or fewer amino acids, peptides are cutting edge therapies in prevention and age management. They stimulate metabolic processes, increase growth hormone production by the patient’s own body, decrease inflammation, heal injuries, improve energy production, stimulate sex drive and eliminate erectile dysfunction, help build muscle mass, lose weight, even stimulate natural tan without risking the negative side-effects of the sun.

Medical Weight Loss

Evolved Science provides medically supervised highly experienced and successful weight loss programs for both men and women of all ages. Employing HCG, peptides, medications, supplements and diets, the programs are individually tailored and patient specific.

Specialty Testing

In order to provide a fully integrated program to our patients, elite blood testing may be required after initial evaluation and consultation with our experts. The blood tests drawn in our offices are analyzed at leading laboratories across the country and cover genetic, food and environmental allergies, heavy metals and even rare pathogen testing.


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