Magnesium Formula


A NON GMO dietary supplement that supports musculoskeletal, nerve, and digestive function.

90 Vegetarian capsules

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General Information

A dietary supplement to support proper nerve and muscle functions.*

Magnesium is a mineral needed by every cell. It activates at least 350 enzymes in the body, more than any other mineral, so it is crucial for many metabolic functions.

Low magnesium levels can decrease metabolic processes, resulting in stress and reducing the body’s ability to absorb and retain magnesium. Magnesium is well known for its importance in energy production, the transmission of nerve and muscle impulses, and its ability to help maintain normal heart rhythm and strong bones and teeth.*

Magnesium supports a calm state and assists with calcium and potassium uptake.* It also aids in maintaining proper pH balance, blood pressure and normal body temperature.*

Magnesium and Nerve Function:

Magnesium is known to regulate or inhibit many nerve receptors.*

Without enough magnesium, nerves fire too easily from even minor stimuli which can create a sensitivity to pain especially in people with a low threshold.*

Magnesium, Bones, and Teeth:

Magnesium is involved in the structural integrity of bones and teeth, and regulates calcium absorption.

Epidemiological studies have linked dietary magnesium deficiency to osteoporosis, and a large proportion of the population probably has substantial magnesium deficits.

Magnesium and the Digestive Tract:

Magnesium citrate is the preferred form of magnesium to regulate intestinal function by stimulating bowel movements. It works by osmosis: attracting water into the intestines to induce a bowel movement.

Absorption and mineral transporters (aspartates & citrates)

Absorption of minerals can be problematic. Not all nutrients reaching the upper G.I. tract are absorbed uniformly or adequately. Increasing and improving absorption is vital to good health.*

To improve absorption of inorganic minerals, they can be bound to organic substances such as citric acid or aspartic acid. This is known as a chelated mineral.

Magnesium also appears to affect the nervous system by its involvement in regulating the release of the stress hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine.*

Magnesium and Muscle Function:

Adequate magnesium is necessary for proper muscle function.

Magnesium deficiency promotes excessive muscle tension which can lead to muscle spasms and restlessness.*

Supports the relaxation of both voluntary and involuntary muscle tissue.*

Since magnesium promotes smooth muscle relaxation, it may be helpful for improving asthma (spasms of the smooth muscle of the bronchioles), painful menstruation (spasms of the smooth muscle of the uterus), and high blood pressure (smooth muscle in the arterioles).*



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